Terms of use

Lack of an understanding is often seen by people . Theerfore We announce again the terms of use.


1. Regulation of the whole website is displayed.

Our use regulation is a thing of the whole website.
It contains all the elements of a Japanese version and an English-language edition. About the limitations of each language version, there is a statement if needed. Carefully read it.

2.  read Terms of use carefully

Terms of use, http://www.hirokimstore.jp/en/?page_id=78

Especially, for Payment Method. We discribed like this.

“The credit card can be used with the Online Order of a Japanese version” It means English Version is C.O.D only, Because we can use only a credit card and C.O.D. If a credit card cannot be used, naturally it will be set only to C.O.D.


3. Read description of a shopping cart.

If there are notes in the system of an English-language edition, we will have described explanation each time.

Although we have described that a credit card is unavailable, there are those who choose a credit card. However, it is not cared by us. If we have an order, we will ship goods by the C.O.D.


4. This is Japan, We offer service to Filipino in Japan.
There are some people who carry their rules into Japan from their country especially a White. However this is Japan, If Japanese people, Filipino people can understand, we think there is no problem. Service is provided on a standard of Japan. All are not completed in English.

 5. Receipt refusal of cash on delivery cannot be allowed.

Cash on delivery is freely unrefusable. When you are mistaken in an order and you do not cancel immediately, we ship goods. Cancellation after we ship cannot be accepted.

If you refuse to receive your package without our permission regarding the order you did for yourself, we will take legal action based on the violation rules. Also, the information used at the time of ordering will be released for public safety



Our store is managed based on our plan.
Although an opinion is accepted, we do not regard Japan style management as the best. Please use  Our Store on your consent.

Best regards.