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hirokim house Tokyo Japan HIROKIM STORE
Additional Fee
Pay the postage and the commission of DAIBIKI (BANK TRANSFER).
Order of 10,000yen or more, it is free of charge.
Application time limit
There is no application time limit. After we send it out, you cannot refuse the commodity receipt.
Defective goods
You can exchange the commodity only for unopened defective goods. (The box might been damaged for imports. It is not defective goods.)We correct printed matter when differing from your instruction.
However, when your instruction is wrong, the correction charge is added.
Unit of sales
Please confirm it on the commodity page. The stock might be not accurate according to timing.
Delivery Schedule
We will send out the commodity on that day if there is a stock for the order that will be received by 9 PM.Printed matter will be sent out in roughly five days.
Cash On Delivery or Credit Card
Time Of Payment
Please pay for cash on delivery when the commodity arrives. Please pay for the credit card when you order.
Returned goods
Please tell a defective situation within one week after we send out the commodity
Cost of Returned goods
HIROKIM STORE pays the returned goods cost for defective goods.
JASRAC 9011262003Y55013
Tokyo public safety commissioner association 303250908854
Store Name


■For Payment Method

■Credit Card
Payment by Credit card issued in Japan. You can use VISA/MASTER/JCB/AMEX. It is possible to use it for commodities except the prepaid card (COMICA etc.).

The credit card can be used with the Online Order of a Japanese version.

This method of payment can be specified with all commodities. The cash on delivery commission is a customer’s share. When 10000 yen or more is ordered, the cash-on-delivery charge is free.

Please specify “Yu-Pack (Home Delivery Service)” for the delivery. (Yu-Mail and Kakitome (Registered Mail) can be specified for the prepaid card (COMICA / SIM CARD / Translation Documents ).)


■For DELIVERY Method

■BT005: Yu-Pack (Takkyubin)

Yu-Pack(Post Office) or Kuroneko Yamato are used for delivery. Please select this method usually.When 10000 yen or more is ordered, the cash-on-delivery charge is free.

 ■BT006: KAKITOME (Registered Mail)
It is a delivery method only for the international phone calls cards and the translation service sending out.

It is delivered to your mailbox with the envelope. (Delivery Time cannot be specified. )

■BT009: For Free Sample / Pamphlet Delivery
Brastel / Verizon / Free Trial Sample / Pamphlet etc, Please specify only the commodity that can be sent free of charge.

It is delivered to your mailbox with the envelope. (Delivery Time cannot be specified. )

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|| Copyright protection
We refuse the reproduction use without permission of the HIROKIM STORE for all contents.(the text, the image, the photograph, and the trademark, etc.). When there is a violation, and when it is malignant, We take legal measures.

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