Security Policy

Our Security Policy

We are declaring the following security policies for management.

1. To the attack

We do the countermeasure to the attack to us of the website, E-mail, the telephone, and damage, etc. We specify the attacker by using all means. Moreover, we find the solution jointly with the police in Japan.
As a result, we do not take the responsibility when there is a cancellation of attacker’s VISA of Japan.

2. Violation of business rule

We do the information gathering to the person who cancels the commodity by a selfish act and the person who disadvantages it to us.

As for information, all information such as Facebook, friendster, yahoo, and skype is collected. Moreover, the Name,  the address, telephone information, and the photograph, etc. are collected overall.

Those information is submitted to the court.

3. Recording

Your voice is recorded. And, the transgressor’s record is open to the public.

4. Transgressor information

We disclose information on the person who violated the rule. It is a message from us who controls a selfish act in Japan. A selfish act won’t be permitted. Learn more Japan and Know shame.

We set up the security section, and are investigating the attacker in the locale. Please propose apologizing to us if you make a mistake. It is the best.

Best Regards.