Violation Alert May 9

Violation Alert May 9 (Now Preparation by forecast)

She doesn’t receive the ordered commodity by her reason. It is not permitted in the law of Japan. Moreover, she gave us the loss.
We disclose transgressor’s information based on our sales regulations. 

DELIVERY STATUS (by Post Office)

NAME: Jocelyn Okasaki(Okazaki)
Location: Shimo-Ishihara,Chofu, Tokyo

[RECORD](All the conversations are recorded. )
April 25: The First order, Specified delivery date as April 29.(Voice was recorded)
April 29: The first delivery: absense.
May 1: HIROKIM STORE contacted her. She promised to receive it. Information to receive it was transmitted by E-mail.
May3: HIROKIM STORE sent final notice by e-mail.
May 4: She rejected our calls, email.
May 4: Under the observation of black list.
May 9: Returned items she ordered. Registered in Black List.

When the commodity is sent back here, it is judged that her act is malignant. Afterwards, all her information is open to the public.

The trouble doesn’t occur if she doesn’t order if she doesn’t have money. It is simple and clear.

This information will be removed after she paid our loss.

To other stores
Please note the order from a similar name. She has the possibility of taking the same action. We should do away with damage from a selfish person.