Service end of Verizon Calling Card

To users of Verizon Rechargeable Calling Card

For International Phone Calls Card “Verizon Rechargeable Calling Card”, we have an announcement today.
Verizon Rechargeable Calling Card

Verizon Japan gave up the prepaid card business in Japan. They announced the withdrawal of the business.

The contract ends on July 31 though HIROKIM STORE has distributed the card up to now. Therefore, we will recommend the user the switch to a different card like a brastel. After July 31, we end all services concerning Verizon Card.

[Service End of recharge using smartpit]
As for Verizon Card, the recharge is possible until October 31.

Thank you.

Brastel card can be used with the system similar to Verizon Card. It is distributed free of charge.

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