You want a MicroSIM for Roaming SIM?

Often, we received a question for Smart/Globe Roaming SIM. In it, there is a question of MicroSIM.

The latest SMART Phone(Like a Galaxy) is using SIM smaller than the usual USIM. Like this.

However, Smart Pinoy Roaming SIM, and Globe OFW Family Pack are USIM type. So they ask “Do you have a Roaming SIM of MicroSIM type?”

An answer is easy. “Cut it by yourself.”

Do you know a SIM CUTTER? SIM is inserted in a lower slot and cut. Usage is the same as a stapler.

You can cut a SIM ship easily. Use it if you want to use a MicroSIM.

Don’t cut GOLD Area of SIM CHIP. Size of it, Globe is differ from Smart SIM. Please adjust cutting area. Be careful.

Good Luck.