Did you prepare?

A large earthquake happened by several-time also in Tokyo today. It is an earthquake of M7 or more in the Tohoku region. The earthquake happens in various places in Japan every day. The radioactivity becomes a problem in a part of region, too.

The television and the government have given the message to make people relieved. However, I do not believe them. Because no one understands the future. No one also has understood the earthquake. The specialist says that the nuclear plant is also safe.

It is limited to us to buy emergency provisions and water.
How should I do if we have neither food nor water in the emergency? I think so. We should sharpen our senses. And, it is necessary to defend my body, my life.

If the severe earthquake will come again in the future, can the specialist take the responsibility?

so, We should always be doing the shelter preparation. Food, water, radio, flashlight, clothes, fire, money, and valuables, etc.
Moreover, it is necessary to decide where to run away with the family and the friend. The telephone is not useful.
It is difficult for the foreigner to obtain correct information in Japan.

Everybody, please prepare luggage to run away to the safe place at once. God bless.