HIROKIM STORE performs “PREPARE FOR THE WORST”(countermeasures-against-calamities) promo during April 1 to 15.  

Please imagine you who are in a catastrophe, calamity, Power failure…  

What can you do at that time? Do you wait for rescue in despair?

Yes, Have an item indispensable in order to survive.

Do you know the item of Dynamo type?
That is, you generate electricity. And the electricity helps you variously.   

It is this product that we recommend you.
Dynamo Radio  

We think that this product will help you in an emergency. We introduce the functions to you.  


In the world, You can catch the signal of radio. You can obtain exact information in an emergency. Kahit Philippines, possible. 

2. Flash Light

All are destroyed. In darkness, you become uneasy. Light stabilizes your heart also at such time. A battery is unnecessary!! Because you generate electricity. 

3. A mobile phone and electronic device charge

Your important connection means is a mobile phone. However, it is not useful without a battery. You may be rescued if you can contact someone at that time. This DYNAMO radio can charge a mobile phone and an electronic device. Therefore, various connectors are attached.
Dynamo Radio Charger 


Please imagine the situation where you were confined in somewhere.
Moreover, you may be attacked by burglar.
Please use an ALARM function in such a situation. Someone will notice your existence. Moreover, a burglar flinches by the sound. 

This dynamo radio offers four functions to help you. You undertsnad?


We have 2 colors(Blue and Pink) , and Usual Price is 3,980yen!  

In this promo, we give more discount!!

Super Price is 3,500yen each!! Order Now!!

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Protect your family all!! Family Pack available!! 

Do you have a family? If it is right, even if it will prepare only one piece, your worries do not disappear. We think so.  

Then, we offer the package for a family!! Yes!
Color blue, 2pcs, and color pink 2pcs , Total 4 pcs


Though It is 15,920yen of Usual Price,
In this PROMO, We offer super price!!

11,200 yen only!! Wow it is sama as 2,800yen each!!!!

(Only 5 set only!! First-come, first-served!!)  

for your family, Prepare for the worst now!!  

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