Violation Alert Oct.23 2017

Violation Alert Oct.23 2017

He doesn’t receive the ordered commodity by her reason. It is not permitted in the law of Japan. Moreover, he gave us the loss.

We suffered damages for shipping costs, various expenses, time spent on him.
We disclose transgressor’s information based on our sales regulations. 

DELIVERY STATUS (by Post Office)

NAME: Ordered by Named: Masanori Kanou (We do not know it is true name)
Location: Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
(We do not know it is true address)


He ordered the Santo Nino. It is God. He refused to receive God or He insulted against God.

[RECORD](All the conversations are recorded. )
Oct.9: The First order, Specified delivery date as Oct.10.(Ordered from Online shop)
Oct.11: The first delivery: absense.
Oct.13: HIROKIM STORE sent e-mail to him. “Receive it asap”.He doen’t reply, no action.
Oct. 14: HIROKIM STORE contacted to him. He does not catch a calls.(confirmed he is in Japan)
Oct.17: HIROKIM STORE sent e-mail to him. “Receive it asap”.He doen’t reply, no action.

Oct.19/20: The post office extended the keeping date

Oct.21: Post Office delivered item again.

Oct.22: The post office investigated him

Oct.23: The post office investigated him

Oct 23: Post Office contacted to us. Returned the item.

Oct.23: HIROKIM STORE specified  him a malignant person.

He never contacted us.

When the commodity is sent back here, it is judged that her act is malignant. Afterwards, all her information is open to the public.

The trouble doesn’t occur if she doesn’t order if she doesn’t have money. It is simple and clear.

This information will be removed after she paid our loss.
When he doesn’t apologize, information is continuously open to the public. We judged that he did not have minimum manners.


To other stores
Please note the order from a similar name. She has the possibility of taking the same action. We should do away with damage from a selfish person.

注意情報 10月23日



愛知県名古屋市中区の加納 匡倫(カノウマサノリ)と名乗る人物からの神様の人形(サントニーニョ)の注文に関して、自ら注文したにもかかわらず受け取らず、またこちらからの度々の電子メールおよび記載されていた携帯電話(日本国内着信確認)への連絡及び配達業者からの連絡にも応じず、こちらに返送となりました。





事前に告知しているHIROKIM STOREの利用規約に基づき、こちらに発生した損害を弁済するまでの期間、注意情報として他店でも同様の行為をする人物の可能性のある情報として、公開しています。