Business Sales

HIROKIM STORE does sales for the individual on the Internet. In addition, sales for the corporation (Philippine Club, Sarisari, Company,Restaurant, Kyabakura) are done in the door-to-door selling by the staff.

Handled Commodity

All commodities that can be handled are sold. Special costume dress /original goods, etc. for event/for your business, We produce them. 

Dealings process

After getting the request, we will submit the estimate and the delivery schedule. Please order to us when you are agreed it. (The signature is necessary. ) As a result, the dealings contract is concluded. 

We do not work if the process doesn’t exist even if you are hurrying up. Please look for other traders if you do not have an enough period.



We are not doing credit sales basically. Please pay when you order  the production work like design, original T-Shirts, etc. (or when the commodity arrives for goods of cash on delivery.) If it is not possible to pay when you order the commodity, we occasionally have the doubt for your capital.


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