B022 Belt 7 colors


belt 022  (B022)

PRICE: 1,000JPY!
Materials: Fake Leather
Length: 98cm.

Order Number Title (List Price)Retail Price(Incls Tax)
Status Quantity unit  
G603-B022B belt 022 BLACK (¥1,980) ¥1,000
In Stock pcs
G603-B022C belt 022 CHERRY (¥1,980) ¥1,000
In Stock pcs
G603-B022R belt 022 RED (¥1,980) ¥1,000
Sold Out pcs Sold Out
G603-B022S belt 022 SILVER (¥1,980) ¥1,000
In Stock pcs
G603-B022U belt 022 BROWN (¥1,980) ¥1,000
In Stock pcs
G603-B022V belt 022 VIOLET (¥1,980) ¥1,000
Sold Out pcs Sold Out
G603-B022W belt 022 WHITE (¥1,980) ¥1,000
In Stock pcs
B022 B022 B022 B022 B022 B022 B022
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