Likas Papaya Soap 135g


Likas Papaya Soap 135g

Silka Papaya Soap 90g


well-known papaya soap in the Philippines. Silka papaya soap.

GT Bleaching Soap 120g


GT COSMETICS Products / Bleaching Soap 120g

Uses natural coco soap base with Lemon Extract that helps whiten skin naturally without side effects even when exposed to the sun.
Contains Vitamin C that gives skin a natural glowing feeling.


GT Papaya Soap 120g


GT COSMETICS Products / Papaya Soap 120g

Has exfoliating and anti-bacterial properties that help maintain a fair, soft and younger looking skin.
Washes away dead skin and prevents skin blemishes, pimples and acne keeping the skin glowing naturally.


GT Carrot Soap 120g


GT COSMETICS Products / Carrot Soap

Has Beta carotene that is good for the skin. Reduces the signs of aging promoting a healthy, white, and young looking skin. Helps to remove skin blemishes like Pimples, Acne and black heads.


Glutathione Original Soap





Kojic Original Acid Soap


Popular as Natural Soap in the Philippines.

Kojic Soap.

Dr. Kaufmann IR 80g


Dr. Kaufmann All Skin-Germ Protection Soap contains active ingredients that fight a broader range of germs that cause skin infections.

Dimethy Phenylbutanol kills bacteria. Sulfur kills and inhibits growth of bacteria and promotes shedding off of rough, thickened skin caused by skin infections.

For best results:
Gently massage lather onto skin. Leave lather on skin for 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse well and pat dry. Use twice daily.

Dr. Kaufmann SULFUR ZINC OXIDE 80g


Get maximum skin protection with Dr. Kaufmann Medicated Sulfur Soap. It has Suifur and Zinc Oxide that help relieve skin problems white keeping your skin healthy.



As your body gets exposed to the harsh elements from the environment, your skin becomes dull, acne-prone, and uneven. You need to renew your skin’s beauty by removing acne-causing dirt and dead skin cells that prevent your skin to be at its best condition.


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